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Drug-Outreach South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a registered company whose vision and mission is to save thousands of young people in South Africa from the destruction of drug addiction, “ONE PERSON AT A TIME”.

South Africa has over 10 million people addicted to alcohol, over the counter prescription drugs, hard drugs, pornography, gambling and more. The time to seriously address this problem is long overdue.

It is a fact that all the registered rehab centers combined in South Africa, can only accommodate 17-18 thousand addicts. The cost to have an addict admitted is unaffordable to most households, therefore the problem is getting out of hand.

Drug-Outreach is planning another cycle tour outreach, this time to Sabie in Mpumalanga.  Our objective is to make the region aware of the dangers of addiction in our country.

During our previous cycle outreach to Durban in 2015, we had huge success speaking to communities, churches, schools, family members, and addicts.

God willing, we will be leaving the East Rand in November 2017 for a 4-day outreach where we will speak to and help communities who suffer from this “MONSTER KILLER” that is destroying our youth.

During this time, we will also do speed counseling sessions and random drug testing if needed.

As the costs involved are high, we rely heavily on donations to make this possible. Your consideration to be part of this project would be greatly appreciated.

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